At 7 years old, Andrei was focussing to become a professional wrestler. With many years of training, he got into the Sports Olympic school at the age of 16.
No longer than two years after, he gave up on this dream and had the crazy idea to join Circus. Three months of formation later, Andrei got into Russian Circus, than Nikulin Circus where he learned to be a teeterboard base catcher.

After 4 years being in russian circus, he was called by Cirque du Soleil to learn to be a Russian Cradle catcher in the show Corteo. He was taught by Maxim Dobravitsky and Dmitrii Arnoutov. Learning and growing everyday to be an artist, he took position of one of main character in the show.
White Clown. Four years after being on Corteo, he met is actual wife and partner to create a Russian Cradle Duo number. With all this friendship, trust, love and determination, the duo never stop to develop, create and try to reach the highest point.

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