Anny began her training at the National Circus School in Montreal at the age of 14, determined to become a professional acrobat. Throughout her studies, in addition to a passion for acrobatics, she learned to develop her artistic side through dance and stagecraft.
She started school college program at 17 years as Russian bar and banquine flyer. It is in the middle of her second year of study that her career took a turn different by experimenting a skill that she had never touched before. Russian Cradle.

It is with her coach Alexander Arnaoutov that she continued the rest of her training and developed a new passion. At the age of 20 years, she joined Cirque du Soleil – Corteo where she was flying in a group act of Russian cradle. Shortly after arriving, she met Andrei Kalesnikau and found the perfect partner. Together they built a new act of Russian duo Cradle. With all this passion they built a unique and deep story based on the trust, mental force and love.

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